Sunday, May 28, 2006

Suicidal indians, Goldilocks urban version and amazing me XD

I am blessed to have 3 very interesting events happen to me today. That is what prompted me to write about an interesting event a day cos I seem to be able to find interesting things everyday but I forget about them haha I suck...

Lets start with number 1~~

Indian protestor sets himself on fire because of a government move to reserve more places in top universities for lower-caste students.

It was a huge fire for awhile especially around the chest area and then the flames suddenly stopped and onlookers looked in awe as they were amazed by how much better he looked.

Seeing this, another man burnt himself in front of the police station but didn't (manage to)suffer burns for reasons we all know but are unwillingly to say due to the psychological impact it will cause on the victim.

and now for the part which brings in the massive twist.
The one that (managed to) catch fire wasn't a student. (Yes, I'm serious)
The other was a post graduate medical student.

They are seemingly unrelated to the government move to reserve more places in top universities for lower-caste students. Hence it is strongly suspected from the forces beyond (ME) that the first suicide was an accident due to him being highly flammable and the other ensued due to the obvious aesthetic improvements but his medical knowledge obviously didn't help him in knowing that he required certain "pre-requisites"

Now for number 2.

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Goldilocks has reincarnated as a 28-year-old man and is currently residing in Austria... IN PRISON.

Reason: Very obvious... Breaking and entry, eating other people's porridge and sleeping in their beds after that.

Details: "Goldilocks" was caught after falling asleep in the king sized bed of one of his victims (That was after he tried the bed of the kids and the wife which could be seen from the vomit and pee marks)

An empty bottle of "porridge" vodka was found beside him when he was caught.

Mr Sobor (He wanted to be sober but couldn't due to his avid support for AA *Alcoholics Anonymous* and therefore sobor) Otherwise known as "Papa bear" was quoted saying "I walked into the bedroom and found a strange man, fully clothed, snoring away on my bed."

We could sense intense disappointment as he said "fully clothed" and therefore have taken it upon ourselves to send him photos of "Goldilocks" in prison with his extremely friendly inmates.
p.s. We now have money for that billiard table, Sam.

Now for number 3. (I should change amazing me to amazing us in the title but... oh well XD ego boost for me)

I have scored my first A+ ever in NUS for the past 3 years. I would like to thank Jialiang, Huiling, Sherrine, ChengHung and last but not least, our fearsome leader, Chee Wei who perhaps, fears me now because I kept haggling with him for more marketing budget... Big thanks to all those involved in this project, hope it'll become a marketable successful product in future X)

With that I have more or less secured my place in a 2nd class honors. 1 woot for me =)
Now all I gotta do is prevent myself from getting any C's ><